'I am fascinated by our states of mind (moods if you like); by how they form and affect the way we think. The topic raises lots of questions for me. How does mind state affect our ability to make decisions? Does mood provide a gateway to creativity? Is there a health effect? Might having a better grasp on this part of our mind process be the answer to feeling more contented in life? Can we step back from a forming mood and choose a different path? I looked for the pieces to this jigsaw puzzle in the science of the mind, and wrote a book about what I found:

Design Your Mind: Everyday tools to make every day better.'


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About B.W. Cribb


There are two concepts that inspire me. These are possibility and empowerment - life can be better.


My aim is to take the jigsaw pieces of what we know about the mind and, with the help of science, personal experience, and through listening to and talking with others who have their own first-hand experiences, distil the essence of tools that help to improve our life.

Design Your Mind

Everyday tools to make every day better


This is a guide to mastering our mind – to boost creativity, improve decision-making, enhance intuition and happiness, rediscover authenticity and reduce stress.


Every time we learn something, create a memory or form a habit, we are designing our mind. Such plasticity is beneficial, but it also leads to maladaptive stress responses, addictions and phobias. With the tools provided, these do not need to be an endpoint.

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Designing A mind for wellness

B.W. Cribb


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