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There are two concepts that inspire me. These are possibility and empowerment - life can be better.


I take the jigsaw pieces of what we know about the mind and, with the help of science, personal experience, and through listening to and talking with others who have their own first-hand experiences, distil the essence of tools that help to improve our life.


I am a scientist, lecturer, and author with over 30 years of experience. I have worked in Australia, the UK, and Singapore, have experience as an international speaker and am an author of over a hundred journal publications, as well as academic book chapters, reviews and general media articles. As a winner of a teaching award, I also have experience leading a national communication project for online education and have collaborated in the development of science outreach material currently used by schools and the public. 

I started my research career in insect science, focussing on the senses of these little critters: how they interact with and navigate in the world. From here, I accepted an invitation to teach behaviour at university, which allowed me the time and resources to delve more deeply into how animals create pictures of reality and the ways in which this process affects survival, not only for other organisms but for use humans too.

Along the way I looked to understand engagement and the creation of better learning environments. This developed into a fascination with the power of states of mind and led to the structure of my new book: Design Your Mind: Everyday tools to make every day better.

At a technical level, I trained as an electrophysiologist, optical and electron microscopist, and behaviour specialist.

On a personal note, I dabble in music, practice meditation and nonlocal mind techniques, enjoys creative arts, and keeps bees.

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