Design Your Mind

 Everyday tools to make every day better


This is a guide to mastering our mind – to boost creativity, improve decision-making, enhance intuition and happiness, rediscover authenticity and reduce stress.


Every time we learn something, create a memory or form a habit, we are designing our mind. Such plasticity is beneficial, but it also leads to maladaptive stress responses, addictions and phobias. With the tools provided, these do not need to be an endpoint.


Do you always make good decisions? Have you heard of ‘nudging’? Many western governments now have a ‘behavioural insight team’ whose unique job it is to affect the way we think and act. Discover the mental processes and brain networks they are targeting.

Maybe you use intuition consciously. We all dip into this whether we know it or not. And there is scientific evidence to back up how important and useful it is. In these pages learn how to boost this skill.


Are you interested in humour? Do you read social cues well and use insight? To master these and other abilities there is a simple process, easy to replicate once you know the trick.

Is health a priority? Then draw back the curtain on the way mind influences healing and brain ageing, and discover why placebos work. The power of the mind is astonishing.

Dip into the pages to unravel the mystery of facts versus belief, through the story of Santa Clause, the sinking of the Titanic, and the discovery of meteorites.


Perhaps you want to step beyond the conventional? Take a journey with the author to explore the science behind intuition and nonlocal mind. Backed by 30 years of involvement in sensory biology and behaviour, science communication, and a lifetime of experience with the weird and wonderful, BW Cribb empowers us with new ways of thinking and being.



"Hidden in this book is a wealth of knowledge and stories to illustrate how our mind works and how we can challenge ourselves to see things from different perspectives. Bronwen takes us on a journey from our sensory awareness through to challenging our beliefs and values in a fun and enjoyable way. Exercises at the end of each chapter encourage us to take what we have learned and play with the ideas as we make choices to stretch and expand our minds into previously uncharted territory. A book that I will look forward to ‘dipping’ into well into the future!"
Mrs Helen Davies  MPsych, BEd, MAPS FCEDP
Educational & Developmental Psychologist


"Dr Bronwen Cribb explores the science of our mind through a creative narrative that is personal and empowering. She demonstrates how our emotions, and the actions that result from them, are moulded by our thoughts. Best of all - tools, tricks, and tips are provided in her book on how we can empower our minds to achieve the seemingly impossible or unthinkable."

Dr Gurion BSc (Hons), PhD

Associate Lecturer, Teaching-Focussed
Engagement Officer, Marketing and Outreach

"Design Your Mind is one of those books you casually pick up in a bookshop and then find yourself still engrossed in an hour later. Such a fascinating read! Why is it sometimes so difficult to change our ways? How do our emotions control the way we see the world? Can empathy sometimes be toxic to our mind and body? These are some of the questions I found answers to in the pages of this book, which explains the shape-shifting nature of mind and mood using a simple “four-pointed pyramid” schematic. And with such a wealth of references, I found myself constantly dipping into the further reading. All said and done, I finished this book feeling I’d learnt something about what makes me what I am—and that’s self-empowering stuff!"

Dr Paul Cunningham PhD

Sensory biologist


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