Celebrating consciousness

This week - the 23rd-27th September - is the launch week for my book on the mind, so instead of writing about mind here, I have posted three videos on my Facebook site.

The first video gathers together what people value about their mind and what they might seek to change, as spoken accounts over a landscape of images. The second digs into some strange aspects of the mind, including a kind of hemispheric switching that we use every few minutes, and which impacts the way we think about the world and make decisions. The third video shares a personal moment with you.

To find these videos simple click on the Facebook link in my website or, using a search engine, search for Facebook: Bronwen Cribb. The videos are date-marked 24th September, 25th September and 26th September and open to the public.

Celebrating Consciousness

Consciousness continues to amaze me. There is the nature of the so-called rational mind. It applies concepts embedded with emotion, like packets of soup flavouring tipped into a moment of chaos to make it delicious. Such application of mind enlivens an understanding of the world, both around and within us. Then there is the vast machinery and reach of the subconscious mind, which as a species we have not yet even come to terms with. Mind itself, as a quality or quantity remains elusive, representing what we sense, think and know as limitless landscapes that seem to sit just behind the eyes and at the same time surround us in infinite space.

Till next time – B.W. Cribb

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